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Celgene AB

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Innovative fight against rare diseases

The companies in the healthcare industry are something special: Not only do they contribute to the economy; they also fight diseases. One of these companies is Celgene Corporation, a globally operating biopharmaceutical company that is represented by Celgene AB in Sweden. Celgene is primarily involved in the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative therapies for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Interview with Wim Souverijns, CEO of Celgene AB

Obsessed with patients

Some drugs have changed the world for good. The impact of drug research and clinical trials on improving people’s lives is profound, and it takes biopharmaceutical companies that dare to invest in medicine for all kinds of diseases. Since 1986, Celgene has cared for people with life-threatening and debilitating diseases and has focused on life-changing drugs. CEO Wim Souverijns, head of Celgene AB, stresses that Celgene challenges the status quo and aims to deliver new and better drugs every day anew.