Satisfied Customers as the Measure of All Things

Interview with Michael Wilding, Managing Director of Eolane SysCom GmbH

Eolane SysCom Team Picture
Training is highly valued at Eolane SysCom; for example, training as an electronics technician

The lack of electronic components has led to serious problems in the electronics industry during the Corona crisis. For example, the chip industry was affected – and thus also Eolane SysCom GmbH from Berlin. A focal point of their portfolio is the individual assembly of circuit boards and assemblies. Thanks to the foresighted decisions of a new management, Eolane SysCom has emerged stronger from the crisis and is currently experiencing growth again.

Eolane SysCom epitomizes experience and expertise in the realm of circuit board assembly. "We purchase bare circuit boards, assemble them according to customer specifications, and can react quickly and flexibly," summarizes Managing Director Michael Wilding. "This also includes services such as testing various functions, repairing assemblies, and customer-specific packaging. Moreover, repairs and the salvaging of components have added a new dynamic; we can remove and refurbish sensitive components from old assemblies and circuit boards."

Eolane SysCom is one of 13 subsidiaries of the French Eolane group and focuses on small to medium batch sizes. The core market is the DACH region. 54 employees are based in Berlin, with the most recent turnover being six million EUR. "The group is one of the top 10 assemblers in Europe," says Michael Wilding. "Here in Berlin, despite many competitors, we have managed to establish a very good reputation and are currently experiencing stable growth with both old and new customers."

Eolane SysCom SMT Sample Assembly
SMT Sample Assembly

New course, proven team

The positive direction is also the result of restructuring. "In 2019, well before Corona, the business collapsed," says Michael Wilding. "Orders decreased, customers were dissatisfied. The location was then restaffed. When I joined the company in August 2021, I found an excellent, experienced team. My task was to bring this team together, to get the know-how on the road and to win new customers. Customer service is a central theme and customer satisfaction is the key to success. Our goal is therefore to meet delivery deadlines, to ensure quality, and to talk to our customers."

Investing in tomorrow

The concept worked – also thanks to comprehensive investments. In 2022, Eolane SysCom invested 350,000 EUR, and this year 650,000 EUR. In manufacturing, every assembly group is traceable, which also makes the company a reliable partner for assembly groups in applications such as medical technology. Thanks to new placement machines, efficiency can be increased. "Components are becoming ever smaller and more sensitive, so the machine park must be set up accordingly. Our range of services is rounded off with the expansion of our integration area for building complete devices and in-depth testing of assembly groups," says Michael Wilding. "We hope, thanks to our repositioning, to be able to increase our turnover step by step and to reach the 10 million EUR mark in the next few years."