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Interview with Pierre-Arnaud Grenade, CEO of ba&sh SAS

From friendship to global success in attainable-luxury fashion

From the innovative business idea of two former school friends to a global concern: The trajectory of French women's clothing company ba&sh SAS has been phenomenal. European Business spoke with CEO Pierre-Arnaud Grenade to find out more.


Waste not, want not

Why buy new clothes every season when the world is already overwhelmed with quality garments? In an era in which sustainability is a priority, recycling companies have never been more important. Belgian company, Sematex BVBA, sorts, packs and exports quality second-hand clothing and shoes around the world, contributing to a more sustainable future.


Colouring fashion

Without colour, the world would be a very drab place. Members of the Italian company Tintoria Emiliana s.r.l., a specialist in the art of dyeing high-value clothing, certainly thinks so. Founded in the post-war era when dyeing clothes to extend their lifespan was a necessity, today the firm works on confectioned garments for the highly demanding fashion labels.


Creativity and style for women’s legs

It seems like a dream come true: When the founders of Gabriella were about to realise their vision of their own hosiery enterprise, it was both coincidence and luck that were they able to buy used machinery from a closed hosiery production site in Łódź. The young entrepreneurs wanted to bring modern and classic tights to the Polish markets. Looking back 23 years now, it seems that their idea has turned into a true business success. Gabriella is market leader in Poland and the company exports its legwear to more than 50 countries worldwide.


Come on! It is cashmere!

To many it is the epitome of luxury – cashmere. The elegant fabric is soft and tender, extremely warm and light, rare and simply second to none. Due to its geographical location and extreme weather conditions, cashmere from Mongolia is considered to be the finest in the world. Malo SpA produces precious cashmere knitwear from this exclusive fabric. Its products reflect a rigorous attention to quality and tradition and the passion for beautiful products.


Fashionable timelessness

Timing is everything. Nowhere is this statement more true than in the fashion world. While seasonal collections still play an important role, for many companies they are no longer the main driver that they once were. One designer which has completely embraced the new fashion mentality is the Italian M Symbol Group S.R.L. With a number of brands in its portfolio, Matchless is the most important, combining a long and illustrious heritage with the fast-moving demands of today’s fashion-conscious consumers.

Interview with Corvin Lask, Co-Founder and CEO of Blackboard GmbH

Slow Watches: When only one hand sets the pace

A wristwatch with just one hand on which you can only tell the time to the nearest minute? That is not a functional limitation, asserts Corvin Lask, Co-Founder and CEO of Blackboard GmbH, but an invitation to forget about time for a few minutes in our stressful lives. Behind this is an entire philosophy of “Slow living”. In an interview with European Business Mr. Lask explains how “slow” should not be confused with inefficient and talks about how his watch appeals to us to savour the quiet moments in a hectic business day.


A bold vision for eyewear

Danish-French firm Design Eyewear Group has six brands and hundreds of designs under one roof. Sleek spectacles are designed alongside hip modern sunglasses. Such variety has made it a perfect partner for independent opticians as they compete with established chains and mainstream brands in North America and Europe. We spoke to CEO Lars Flyvholm about the company’s ambitious multi-brand business model, which combines design synergy and commercial impact.


The crowning glory

In the 1930s and 1940s, no one left the house without first putting on a hat. Manufacturers of homburgs, trilbies, fedoras, bowler hats and flat caps for men and an even wider range of headgear for women were kept enviably busy. Today, hats are seen as occasion-wear rather than an everyday accessory. Nevertheless, today’s well-dressed fashionista knows that a hat can do more than cover up a bad hair day. Czech millinery expert TONAK a.s. caters to a discerning clientele for whom hats will never go out of fashion.


There is still room for small independent retailers in the textile industry

There are over 50,000 companies involved in the textile and apparel industry in Italy. Over the past decade, this industry has experienced increasing competition from countries like China and Vietnam, and despite a slight decline in output, the Italian textile industry has continued to generate annual revenues of nearly 60 billion EUR. Unlike in the rest of Europe, in Italy this sector is dominated by independent retailers, such as Giesse Scampoli srl.