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12 money-saving tips that you haven’t read everywhere else

12 money-saving tips that you haven’t read everywhere else

European Business Listicle 28/2019

You’re on the lookout for money-saving tips that you haven’t read anywhere else? We’ve put together some unconventional tips, including some unusual ones! Give them a try!

1. Put bricks in your toilet tank

If you want to save water, just put a brick in your toilet tank. The brick displaces the water, which then can’t be used for flushing. So, when you flush, less water is lost. There is still enough water for flushing, however. You can save considerably on water costs and still do something for the environment.

2. Turn down your clothes hangers once a year

How much clothing do you own that you never wear and that you could earn money with? Once a year, turn the hangers around in your closet on a certain date and drastically sort out whatever you didn’t take out and wear during the previous year. You can sell these clothes with a clean conscience.

3. The throw-away pad 

Do you have to throw something away because it’s expired or no longer fresh? Keep a note pad by the garbage where you write down what you had to throw away and how much it cost. You will certainly go shopping much more consciously because you’ll know exactly how much money you’ve literally thrown away.

4. Delete saved payment information

Impulse buys are especially dangerous if you want to save. In general, you should wait a day before you buy anything. If you tend to impulse buy on the Internet, however, you can keep yourself from it with one trick: Delete any credit card information that’s saved automatically so that it’s harder for you to complete a purchase because you have to enter all the information. This is often too much effort, and we forgo spending money.

5. “How long do I have to work for it?”

Do you know your hourly wage? Just calculate it so you know how long you actually have to work to be able to afford something. Do you really want those expensive shoes that you’ll have to work more than a whole day for? This new perspective is often helpful to assess the prices of things.

6. Collect 5s

You get 5 EUR as change? Then set it aside. If you directly save every 5 EUR bill that you get, you’ll get quite a few together. Of course, you can also apply this concept to 2 EUR coins or other coins and bills.

7. Don’t wear your “nice things” at home

It’s become unfashionable to have Sunday clothes that are worn only then. With some modification, you can use this whole thing for you, though: Change clothes as soon as you get home. Wear clothing that you only wear at home. That way, you can go easy on the clothing you need for work or going out while you signalize to your body that you’re finished working for the day. You might even be able to wear your clothes a second time if you take them off when you get home. That also saves some washing costs.

8. Google coupons

For many online shops, there are rebate offers for new customers or seasonal offers that you can use when you check out. Before completing a purchase, it’s worth looking on the Internet to see whether there is a rebate offer or code for the shop.

9. Get your hair cut as a model for your hairdresser

Hairdressers-in-training have to learn somehow how to cut hair. If you’re willing to let future professionals cut your hair, you can often get it cut more cheaply or for free. Models who will have their hair dyed different colours are also often in demand for advertising campaigns. Ask your hairdresser if she needs models. By the way, you can often blow dry and style your hair yourself and save money at the hairdresser’s that way.

10. Round up

Every time you want to treat yourself or make a bigger purchase, for instance clothing or a ticket for the theater or a musical, round the amount up. If a pair of pants costs 54.99 EUR, round it up (to 60 EUR) and transfer the difference of 5.01 EUR to your savings account or put the difference into your piggy bank. You’ll see that quite a large sum collects there quickly.

11. Tank only in the mornings in summer

The higher the temperature, the more fuel expands, which reduces the energy value of gasoline considerably. So fill your tank in the morning, and you’ll get more fuel, which also lasts longer. However, keep in mind whether the price is higher in the morning than in the evening. That could negate any savings.

12. Early payment Discount

When purchasing on account, it’s often possible to get an early payment discount. An early payment discount is a discount that you get when you pay the bill immediately or within a short time. When buying furniture or building materials on account, you should clarify in advance whether an early payment discount is possible and then pay the sum minus the discount immediately as soon as you receive the bill.

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