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New innovation strategy to meet existing and future market needs

New innovation strategy to meet existing and future market needs

This Spring, OJ Electronics A/S has approved a new innovation strategy to ensure that the customers receive the best products in a highly competitive market. As a cornerstone in the new innovation strategy, OJ Electronics A/S wants to strengthen the company’s products by focusing on high quality and know-how in product development.

OJ Electronics A/S experiences an increasing focus on quality from our customers. On the market, we are recognized for our high quality and has been for many years. Nonetheless, there might be constructions or components that can be optimized to meet the increasing requirements from the market. For this, we have chosen to make calculated choices regarding electric components and constructions. In doing this, the markets get the optimum combination of quality in components and constructions, which fit the chosen solution. Off course, a lot of quality is built into many years of experience in the HVAC and Floor Heating area, but it can get even better, and we want to ensure that our extensive application experience will be beneficial for the markets.

As a result of the initiatives, I hope that our products and our service will be even better for the benefit of earnings and success with you as customers in the years to come.

Based on the strategy, OJ Electronics A/S wants to strengthen its product quality based on quality, functionality, reliability, design and intuitive operation. Therefore, we have chosen to focus even more on bringing the technical and especially application-related knowledge into the projects. In this way, we focus on the necessary know-how and knowledge early in the project process. Together with our sales team, this sets the basis for the products, so that markets and customers experience the right solution at the right price.

OJ Electronics A/S masters the applications for HVAC and Floor Heating, and possesses the necessary know-how of electronic solutions, which solve specific challenges in the industry.

We have chosen to identify which competences should ensure strong and market-oriented products in the future. We believe that ’connectivity’ is important to ease the user’s access to manage and optimize the system. The solutions contain the total know-how of running the plant in the best way in terms of comfort, with maximum energy optimization. To ensure the appropriate flexibility in developing the right quality at the right time, OJ Electronics A/S has chosen to work together with a range of external partners when dealing with generic competences. This could be basic software or construction of non-application parts of the hardware. In the future, it gives OJ Electronics A/S the chance to be thorough and improve the application-oriented solutions and ensure the necessary flexibility via external partners.

(Erik Damsgaard, Managing Director)

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