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STARCO GS Distributor Day

STARCO GS Distributor Day

To mark the completion of the full integration of the Swiss Gebrüder Schaad company into the STARCO organization, the new entity STARCO GS held a distributor day between November 4th and 6th at the company’s facility in Sübingen, Switzerland.

STARCO had its first interest in Gebrüder Schaad back in 1985, in 2007 Gebrüder Schaad started to be merged into the STARCO Group, giving STARCO customers worldwide access to the unique agricultural dual wheels product range of Schaad. As part of a gradual takeover agreement, the company’s founding brothers Fritz and Rudi Schaad have continued to support the development of the company and its integration into the STARCO organization, now under the leadership of Managing Director Sven Holmes.

The launch this month of the new STARCO GS entity heralds a new era for the Swiss company, combining its renowned engineering excellence and unique product range with the unparalleled global distribution and logistics resources of STARCO. This further strengthens the position of STARCO in the agricultural and industrial sector of special wheels.

The distributor day in November was an opportunity to present the new business image to STARCO distributors in the European, Russian and African markets, including an introduction of the new management team, a new sales team and a manufacturing facility that has been modernised to match the standards of safety, quality and efficiency of STARCO factories worldwide.

With the launch of the new image and setup, STARCO GS has selected the most established and promising distributors in the market regions and the company is committed to offering extensive support to its key distributors to ensure a greater market share and improved service and support to both distributors and customers worldwide.

As part of the launch strategy, STARCO encourages distributors to work together in the promotion of STARCO special wheels, thus ensuring a market presence and level of expertise that is second to none.

The STARCO GS distributor day will be an annual event, which the company and its distributors will use to continue to develop and present new products and to ensure continued growth in market share and customer service.

For distributors and end users the advantages are manifold – continued access to the best agricultural dual wheel products on the market, as well as access to the entire STARCO special wheels product range – all backed up by STARCO engineering, quality control and logistics resources.

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