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A strong Family


JP Group is a leading global supplier of automotive aftermarket spare parts and accessories. The Danish family enterprise offers more than 30,000 quality spare parts and accessories for European and Asian cars.

The comprehensive product range includes brakes, filters, steering and suspension parts, rubber metal parts, electrical parts, starters, turbo chargers, water pumps and many other high-quality components.

JP Group has customers in more than 90 countries worldwide. “We ship 99% of our products abroad,” explains Chief Commercial Officer Morten Vammen. “Our largest export market is Germany. For German cars alone, we have over 12,000 different parts and accessories.”

One of the fastest growing markets for the Danish automotive parts supplier is the classic cars segment. “We offer more than 6,000 exclusive spare parts and accessories, from complete wings to the smallest screw, for classic cars from Volkswagen, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz,” states Mr. Vammen. “A customer once said you could assemble a whole VW Beetle from our parts.”

Lately, JP Group also started offering spare parts for other much admired classic cars such as the VW Type 2 and Type 3 busses. “There is strong demand especially from US customers,” says Mr. Vammen. “In the US market, we have annual growth rates of 40–50%, as compared to around 20% in Europe.”

JP Group was established by Johannes Pedersen in 1975. In 1992, following the death of the founder, his son Martin Pedersen took over. Since then, the company has grown into a global player in the automotive aftermarket.

Today, the dynamically evolving group includes six privately owned firms operating under one roof: JP Group Automotive, Johs. Pedersen, Garia Manufacturing, Hovwdiaudi, QuickPot and BilligAlu.

“We are both a B2C and a B2B company,” says Mr. Vammen. “Our QuickPot chain of service stations is our B2C division, while all others are targeted at business customers.”

JP Group currently has 42,000 m² of production and warehousing space. “We plan to add another 8,000–10,000 m² this year to accommodate our uninterrupted development,” states Mr. Vammen.

As an internationally operating business, JP Group attaches great importance to multilingual staff. “German, Russian, French and Spanish are the most important languages for us,” explains Mr. Vammen. “Sometimes it can be very difficult to find people with the right combination of language and automotive skills.”

JP Group is also at the front of the digitalization trend in the automotive spare parts aftermarket. “Our complete product catalogue is available online, and our customers can check product availability directly through our website,” explains Mr. Vammen. “Our main focus is on customer satisfaction. We provide detailed information in all languages and deliver promptly and reliably. In order to supply our clients ever faster, we opened a new central storage facility in Dortmund, Germany, in January which enables us to deliver any required spare part in a maximum of 24 hours. Promptness is getting more and more important. People demand high quality, excellent service and delivery as soon as possible.”

To acquire new customers, JP Group participates in all major fairs and industry events worldwide. For classic cars, the Techno Classica in Essen, Germany, is the main event for the Danish company.

“We also advertise in automotive magazines in several countries, from Austria to the Ukraine, and have our own showroom in Denmark where we present our complete product range,” states Mr. Vammen. “Last but not least, we have our own automotive testing facility in Denmark.”

In the next three to five years, JP Group wants to grow its European sales in particular. “For this purpose, we shall double the number of sales representatives in Germany and further increase our storage capacity in Denmark,” explains Mr. Vammen. “At the same time, we shall continue expanding our product selection to meet new demands, especially as regards the dynamically evolving classic cars segment.”

JP Group Holding A/S attends the Techno Classica in Essen, 06.04.2016 -10.04.2016, Stand 3.0.111

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