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Innovation in the printing industry


Ongoing success is the result of hard work and continuous development. TRESU Group has understood that limiting itself to just one printing technology is simply not enough to remain a pioneer in printing solutions approached by major original equipment manufacturers, including the big names in consumer product manufacturing.

Due to its elaborate approach in the development of state-of-the-art printing technology, TRESU Group has been setting new benchmarks in the market. The company is a true specialist for flexo printing technology, integrating it into other technologies and offering solutions for end users and additional equipment for printing machine manufacturers.

TRESU Group’s roots date back to the year 1981 when three former staff members of the bankrupt SUMAS company started up the TRESU brand. “In the beginning, the focus was on additional solutions for the packaging industry, focusing especially on the film and plastic packaging industry,” points out Managing Director Søren Maarssø.

In 1983 the first engineer joined the ownership team, and the four owners were at the helm of the company before it was sold to an investor in 2010. Flexo printing technology laid the basis for TRESU’s ongoing success in the international market.

“We started up as a subcontractor, but in 1987 we released the first patent, the Chamber Blade System,” says Mr. Maarssø. It was a solution that fulfilled the needs of the industry to accelerate production and improve printing performance. This opened the door to understanding the market, and demand soared right from the start.

TRESU Group has continued introducing solutions for the graphic manufacturing industry, providing added value to its customers and partners. In 1989 TRESU introduced the first modern flexo printing machine to the industry, which helped to acquire customers like Tetra Pak.

Over the years TRESU Group has delivered more than 60 printing machines worldwide to Tetra Pak, which runs around the clock and carries out about 99% of all its customers’ printing. In 1993 TRESU Group had the strategy to add flexo solutions to the offset printing industry.

“We aimed to add flexo coating solutions to manufacturers to optimize offset printing processes. The addition of flexo printing technology improves features with a range of proprietary water-based and UV-curable overprinted varnishes (OPVs) that offer enhanced protection, aesthetics and converting efficiency,” says Mr. Maarssø. “This was the beginning of cooperation with various offset printing companies, and it set off the opening of subsidiaries outside Denmark.”

Today, TRESU Group is still headquartered in Denmark. In addition, it operates subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, the USA, Japan and China. In the USA, it also runs a production plant, which it acquired in 2004. TRESU Group employs a workforce of 225 people, generating turnover of 52 million EUR.

“We develop solutions for the entire printing industry, serving a number of customer segments in the graphic market. From parts to complete flexo printing machines, TRESU Group comprises retrofit for single machines as well as complete plants. They really bring addedvalue to processes in packagingconverting, including self-adhesivelabels, cartons, corrugated boardand solid board, and flexible packaging,amongst others,” stresses Mr. Maarssø.

TRESU supplies flexo-printing solutions, ranging from small units to complete printing lines, which can be compared to simple potato printing, although it is much more elaborate and innovative. “It is an analogue printing method boasting many advantages,” points out Mr. Maarssø. “Above all, it is soluble in water, which is favourable from an environmental point of view. In addition, we strive to optimize existing machines. These are kind of updates to optimize printing processes.”

In general, TRESU is a reference for the entire graphics industry. In addition, it is the partner of choice for OEMs that make use of TRESU’s equipment and their customers. “We are in close contact with our customers in order to develop innovative solutions for the future,” adds Mr. Maarssø.

At the moment, the market for flexo technology is growing by 4 to 4.5% every year as it offers environmentally friendly systems. “The colours are soluble in water. In addition, the printing quality is fantastic, yielding brilliant results,” says Mr. Maarssø.

In recent years, TRESU Group has invested in the development of solutions for the digital printing industry and has established partnerships with major players like HP, Océ-Canon and Xerox. Here, the company predicts further growth.

To keep its position in the industry, demand is not always enough to develop machines. You also need to take care of the machines and do after-sales service. TRESU Group has launched a new Global Service concept, an innovative customer service and technical support program that caters to each customer’s specific solutions, needs and requirements.

With TRESU Global Service, the focus is to make sure the customers stay ahead of the game in terms of performance, efficiency and reliability. “We position ourselves as a specialist in flexo technology, offering customized solutions. We can integrate our technology into existing systems, providing real added value,” highlights Mr. Maarssø.

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