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Saab AB

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Smart protection in an uncertain world

Most people probably associate the name Saab only with the production of cars. For experts, however, Saab AB is a global aerospace and defense company from Sweden. Already in 1937, the company produced the first military aircraft for the Swedish forces. Today, Saab serves the global market and is one of the most sought-after providers of military and civilian products, services and solutions.

Interview with Dan Jangblad

Providing security

Although Europe is living through the longest period of peace the continent has ever known, the cost of defence spending continues to soar. Military commitments in unstable parts of the world coupled with the need to maintain an effective deterrent at home mean that military spending accounts for a significant chunk of ever-tightening national budgets. The pressure is therefore on the defence industry to supply value for money. This is exactly what Saab AB offers with the next generation of the Saab Gripen fighter plane.