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Enhancing employment opportunities with robotics

The past 30 years have seen tremendous advances in the world of electronics and automation. When the digital revolution began, many predicted that automation would eventually spell the end of employment as we know it. So far, this gloomy outlook has not come to fruition, and many believe it never…


What it means to be seen

It is no secret that one of the most widely debated topics is the progression of human activity and the degradation of the planet we call home. While many companies remain ignorant about the importance of caring for the natural environment, some make special efforts to coexist with it. Others…


Creativity and style for women’s legs

It seems like a dream come true: When the founders of Gabriella were about to realise their vision of their own hosiery enterprise, it was both coincidence and luck that were they able to buy used machinery from a closed hosiery production site in Łódź. The young entrepreneurs wanted to…


Now recruiting

Being among the top three providers in its field of temporary staffing and recruitment makes Trenkwalder a.s., Czech subsidiary of the Trenkwalder Group, a major player in the business. Yet, the company does not rest on its laurels – it has ambitious plans for the near future concerning both the…


Saving sailors and the sea

Even for experienced seafarers, the ocean can be unpredictable and, at times, treacherous. Equally, the seas themselves are often put in danger due to catastrophes such as oil spillages and other types of contamination. Polish maritime search and rescue service Morska Służba Poszukiwania i Ratownictwa rescues and protects both sailors…


Rising to the top in a vertical world

The world is growing tall. As suitably sized building plots become scarce, skyscrapers are springing up around the globe to meet the housing needs of the growing population and the space requirements of expanding businesses. Their construction, however, presents major challenges. How do you lift heavy building materials to the…


Real estate with a vision

Developing houses that are welcomed by their owners is relatively easy in the higher end of the market. Achieving this for the average citizen by developing well-designed apartments that allow for several functions and increase in value over time is an art in itself. Victoria Dom S.A. is a Polish…


Inviting the future while keeping risks at bay

Some insurances are compulsory, some are not. You must insure your car because of the damage you might cause to others, and you need to insure your home because of the damage due to some external circumstances (e.g. fire) or financial risks a mortgage involves. Yet nothing is more important…


Be(e) passionate

Hungary is one of the European Union’s largest producers of honey. Beekeeping has a long tradition in the country. The first bees were kept by the churches and farmers mostly for the beeswax the hives might provide – honey was a delightful by-product. Today, its acacia honey is famous all…