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Allevia®: a revolution in the medicine market

According to a survey by the Deutschen Schmerzliga e.V (German Pain League), around 15 million people in Germany suffer from long-term or recurrent pain. For most patients, chronic pain results in significant limitations within their daily life; for many, this includes an inability to work, and social isolation. Worldwide, care for patients suffering from pain is inadequate and complex treatments are, in many cases, not covered by health insurance. Often, drug therapies have strong side effects. In the USA, 100,000 deaths every year are caused by pain medication (source: CDC Wonder), and the intoxicant market is booming because many analgesics are addictive. A large number of patients suffering from chronic pain are deemed to be at risk of suicide. We spoke with Rolf Kamprad, Managing Director of SymBalance GmbH, about a revolutionary development in drug therapy.