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Providing peace of mind

We live in a security-conscious age in which surveillance and physical security controls have become ubiquitous. While most people accept the need for greater vigilance, there is still a fine line between public safety and the right to privacy. Helping companies and organisations tread this line while ensuring a high level of security is France Gardiennage SAS. The French company is a leading provider of security services for people and property and also advises companies in matters relating to compliance with health and safety regulations.


Individual communication

Customer relationship management (CRM) has long been an effective strategy for analyzing and managing customer interactions and data with the goal of improving business relationships with customers. With the advent of social media and the proliferation of mobile devices, CRM providers were forced to upgrade services and to include new features to fully satisfy customer requirements. Paris-based Cabestan has consistently adapted its service portfolio to changing market needs. The dynamic service company is a leading specialist when it comes to successful CRM and PRM marketing campaigns.


Let the games begin

Winning is not the only reason for visiting one of the grand old casinos that were meeting places of the rich and powerful in the good old days. However, Grand Casino Brussels Viage has kept this tradition alive. Since 2006, the casino has had its home in Brussels, but only after its move to a newly renovated listed building in the heart of Brussels some years ago, it has been shining again in all its glory. Today, the Viage is the largest ca casino in Belgium with a 50% market share, offering a broad range of games, pleasant culinary experiences and a relaxed atmosphere for business events and private parties.


London calling

Committed to helping its clients achieve growth, now the company is implementing the next step in its own growth strategy, which is based on continuing internationalization. FINCONS GROUP, which has its headquarters in Switzerland and main Italian office near Milan, has just opened its new location in London. In the British capital, the IT business consulting group will initially focus on the media and financial sectors, where it already has significant Europewide experience.


Information is king

The Italian Chambers of Commerce are public bodies entrusted to serve and promote Italian businesses through over 300 branch offices located throughout the country. InfoCamere ScpA, the technological arm of the Italian Chambers’ system, helps them in pursuing their goals by managing their information stores and providing state-of-the-art digital services. Years before the Internet came into being, it pioneered a telephone-based network connecting all of the Chambers of Commerce and continues to be an innovator more than 40 years later.


Stand out from the crowd

Trade fairs are the place where manufacturers and service providers come together with their customers. They are hugely important events in any company’s calendar and an opportunity for them to present themselves and their products in their best light. In a competitive marketplace, it pays to hire a company with the experience and flair to create a fair stand that stands out from the crowd. In France that expert is Media Product SAS.


The perfect professional match

The European job market is slowly but surely growing in many sectors, such as business and information technology. In order for qualified workers in these fields to find a suitable job that fits their skill set, they need a middle man to introduce them to the right companies. Rowlands connects trained professionals at the management or executive level to companies that are searching for additions to their staff.


An effective deterrent

Security concerns have reached a peak in recent years as organized criminal gangs look to take advantage of security lapses at business premises or private homes. While the police have been successful in breaking up many of these gangs, prevention is still better than cure. In order to make their premises as unattractive as possible to criminals, many companies and private homeowners are turning to security specialists such as C.D. Büttner Sicherheitstechnik GmbH in Hamburg. The company has been designing and installing security and alarm systems since 1975 and now has offices throughout Germany.


Engineering coffee and more

The success of Nespresso coffee and coffee machines cannot be attributed exclusively to the smart smile of Hollywood celebrity George Clooney. In fact, Nespresso coffee machines set the benchmark in the market for capsule coffee machines. The brand is an internationally acknowledged synonym for state-of-the-art coffee machines that offer a whole universe of different flavours and ensure excellent taste. The brand is also well-known for its excellent service quality, even after the expiration of the warranty period. Nicolet-Engineering SA, based in Romanel, Switzerland, specializes in the maintenance and repair of Nespresso coffee machines. Soon, the company will employ its engineering know-how in other industries.