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Masters of tissue converting

Converting fibrous substances into finished products is a demanding process. Roto-cart Spa in Piombino Dese, Italy, masters the entire manufacturing process. As a result the Italian enterprise has emerged as a leading tissue converter, whose products stand out in the Italian and international market for the accurate selection of raw materials and the state-of-theart technology they are made with. Roto-cart focuses on the premium market segment and offers top-quality pure cellulose products such as toilet paper, kitchen towels, multi-purpose paper rolls, napkins and tissues that feature high functional value and softness on the skin. Innovative achievements such as the new “Cartamela” paper made of pure cellulose with the addition of apple document the company’s aim to respond to customers’ wishes and contribute its own part to a better future.


Castings that simply stand out

The Italian foundry industry is facing great challenges. Competition in the European market is expected to intensify due to increasing pressure from Far East manufacturers. However, since manufacturing technologies made in Italy guarantee top quality castings, and Italian companies do not consider themselves as pure suppliers but as cooperative and supportive partners, firms such as Fonderie Mora Gavardo Spa still achieve good results. The company is synonymous with 70 years of know-how and exceptional innovation.


The bottom of the barrel

When petroleum is distilled, different products separate out depending on their weights. Propane, gasoline and jet fuel stay towards the top. Diesel and lubricating oil are below that, and at the bottom is bunker oil, which is less dense than only carbon black and bituminous residue. Bunker oil or bunker fuel is any type of fuel oil used on ships, named so because of where it used to be stored. Bunker fuel is the mainstay of Lukoil Benelux B.V., based in Rotterdam. The company successfully scrapes the bottom of the barrel by supplying bunker and other fuels throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.


The crowning glory

In the 1930s and 1940s, no one left the house without first putting on a hat. Manufacturers of homburgs, trilbies, fedoras, bowler hats and flat caps for men and an even wider range of headgear for women were kept enviably busy. Today, hats are seen as occasion-wear rather than an everyday accessory. Nevertheless, today’s well-dressed fashionista knows that a hat can do more than cover up a bad hair day. Czech millinery expert TONAK a.s. caters to a discerning clientele for whom hats will never go out of fashion.


We are the car family

In Kortrijk, Tournai and at five other locations in the southwest of Belgium, one name in particular has become a synonym for the Peugeot brand. Garage Vandecasteele NV is the partner of choice for Peugeot customers. In addition, the family-run company has developed into a premium leasing company, servicing corporate and private customers alike. Today, value-added services and a strong focus on the needs of all customers have turned into keywords for Vandecasteele’s success in the new and used car markets.


360° cleaning – and more

Cleaning services include floors, windows and everything in between – plus a lot more. Gruppo Clean Service Srl in Osio Sotto is a specialist when it comes to reliable cleaning services. The company offers tailor-made solutions for the most diverse needs, regardless whether for a small office building or a spacious warehouse. Understanding customer needs is always the starting point for Gruppo Clean Service. The company has already gained an excellent reputation and is now ready to face new challenges.


Superior screening solutions

Materials need to be screened, sorted and refi ned in a multitude of industrial sectors, ranging from food and pharmaceuticals processing to mines and quarries. One of the leading European equipment suppliers in the sector is Cuccolini S.r.l. Recognized as a pioneer in vibrating sieve technology, the Italian company offers high-performance screening solutions that cover all applications down to the fi nest, micrometer separating requirements.


Lessons from a successful start-up

The European DIY industry has been negatively affected by the economic recession. The sharpest sales declines have been experienced in Southern European countries, although some countries, like Italy, have managed to remain in line with average EU sales density. Italian DIY retailers are increasingly requesting specialized services like market positioning, and this is where Mercury Services comes into the picture.


A reputation built on innovation

One of the world’s leading providers of materials testing technology is Instron. Headquartered in the US and boasting offices worldwide, its European activities are overseen by Instron in High Wycombe, Great Britain. Through its pioneering work in testing instrumentation and solutions, Instron provides a vital link in the chain of new technology development. One of the main trends it sees in the current marketplace is the global need to drive down energy consumption. In response, it is working to develop a host of new solutions to ensure that new lightweight materials are fit for purpose.


Flying high for business customers

Security measures governing air freight are just as tight as those governing human cargo. every kilo of freight loaded onto a passenger plane must be accompanied by its own airway bill, the equivalent of the passenger boarding card. It identifi es the consignment, lists the forwarder, destination and contents as well as customs clearance information and whether the contents are hazardous. only cargo with the correct documentation can be loaded onto pallets and taken on board. at Düsseldorf airport, one of the busiest airports in Germany, the responsibility for handling the documentation and physical preparation of all freight cargo passing through the airport falls to Flughafen Düsseldorf Cargo GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Düsseldorf airport.


Making Christmas special

For most people, Christmas comes just once a year. For Krebs Glas Lauscha GmbH it is a year-round business. The German manufacturer of premium, mouth-blown, glass Christmas tree ornaments continues a tradition of artisan craftsmanship that goes back to the middle of the 19th century. The company’s skilled craftsmen train for years to learn the necessary techniques to create beautiful shapes and fi gures out of glass that will have pride of place on customers’ Christmas trees around the world. The company’s commitment to preserving this traditional craft has made it one of the leading Christmas bauble makers in the world.


Find the perfect kitchen

The figures alone are impressive: 80 different kitchen models, more than 800 different columns, base and wall units, as well as over 6,000 combinations of finishes and colours and a choice of some 700 handles. It seems that Arrex Le Cucine, one of the leading kitchen manufacturers in Italy and beyond, knows all there is to know about kitchens. The company’s production focuses on quality materials, immaculate production processes and stunning design features. In fact, Arrex really caters for all tastes and offers contemporary as well as traditional kitchens.


Thinking outside the box

Reliable packaging solutions are critical components in the entire food safety process. Today, as food distribution networks globalize more and more, packaging plays a pivotal role in ensuring the final product is secure, fresh and safe for consumption. Eurobox d.o.o. in Cerknica, Slovenia, fully understands the needs of the food industry. The company specializes in the production of cardboard packaging products that match not only the high standards of the food industry.


Services that stand out

Due to the country’s ongoing economic crisis, market conditions are harsh in Italy. Cambielli Edilfriuli S.p.A. successfully faces these challenging market conditions. Against all odds, the company has grown continuously over recent years to become Italy’s number 1 for plumbing and heating systems. Expertise, professionalism and added value for customers set Cambielli Edilfriuli apart from the market.


Care with a difference

The Polish healthcare system is characterized by a growing private healthcare market, due to government reforms and a decreasing share of public expenditure in total spending on health care in Poland. This is creating choice for patients and opportunities for private healthcare providers. A pioneer and leader in this fast evolving market is Medicover Sp. z o.o. The privately owned company is a care organization that really wants to make a difference for its customers.


Masters of multi-talents

Surfactants are multifunctional substances which led themselves to a wide variety of applications. The surface-active substances can be found in a range of different products from toothpaste to concrete or food. The Polish company PCC Exol SA ranks among the biggest manufacturers of surfactants in Central and Eastern Europe. The specialists of PCC Exol SA are well reputed, too, as a driving force in developing new formulations and opening up new applications.


Superb after-sales

Costly equipment, such as earthmoving machinery or complex material handling systems, needs to perform reliably to earn money. BIA n.v. is focused on the top brands in this sector and distributes high-quality equipment in the Benelux and Africa. What truly sets the Belgian company apart from the competition, however, is its unrivalled after-sales service where it employs 75% of its staff.

Interview with Dipl. Ing. FH Peter Ruhland, Product Manager at SAX Polymers Industrie GmbH

SAX Polymers Industrie GmbH


HP servers from Goslar – TBCS IT tells you how!

There is hardly any economic sector as competitive as the IT sector. Technological quantum leaps resulting in ever shorter product cycles pose a challenge to providers to launch more and more innovative solutions of ever higher quality and at more and more competitive prices. Innovative capacity and flexibility are vital factors to gain a long term competitive position. TBCS IT GmbH based in Goslar has successfully taken on this challenge for the past eleven years. Since its change in strategy last year, the company, which is now an HP Enterprise Partner, is able to serve its customers at an even more comprehensive standard. Its portfolio is completed through www.tbcs-shop.de, the company’s innovative web shop promoting the latest HP Renew range.


Entertainment is in the stars

One of the most popular hobbies today is watching television. A plethora of channels on digital, cable and satellite offer everything the heart desires: cooking programs, reality TV, hard-hitting documentaries, comedies and much more. Though Hollywood is the number-one address for TV programming, it is not the only one. TeleMedia Első Magyar Telemarketing Szolgálat Kft., located in Budapest, proves that shows do not have to come from California, and thanks to its astrology programs, more entertainment is in the stars.